So far so good (part xiv)

I had another check up with my surgeon today. There was some doubt over how good my progress was when he did my physical examination, largely because the amount of surgery I’ve had makes such things a lot more difficult than normal because of the amount of scar tissue formation.

Which promptly bought me a ticket on the sigmoidoscopy machine instead. Admittedly that’s never the nicest of procedures, but at least it’s painless, and helps the surgeon make a much clearer diagnosis, almost immediately.

And the good news is that everything still seems to be progressing according to plan. No sign of narrowing of the colon, and the opening he made to drain my abscesses seems to be working well, and slowly healing – which is what he was hoping for.

Next step is another gastrografin enema (oh joy!) to get better images of the extent of the healing of the abscesses, followed by either a CT scan or an MRI scan once my ureteric stent has been removed. That will give more information on the healing in my pelvis, and the extent of any issues due to scar tissue formation, as well as allowing the surgeon to assess if my kidney / ureter is working properly once the stent is removed.

Which basically means I’m going to be pretty busy with medical appointments through my vacation, which starts next week. So much for catching up on my sailing!


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