So far so good (part xv)

I had my latest gastrografin enema test yesterday.

As I’ve previously discussed, this isn’t a great way to spend time, but it does provide useful information to the surgeons on the progress of my healing.

In this case, I was processed using the new all singing, all dancing equipment at the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth. It was interesting because the radiographer carrying out the procedure stayed in the room all the way through, whereas in the past they’ve ducked in and out, allowing them to get behind various lead-lined screens.

It turns out that these new machines are not only all-digital (no films, the images come up instantly on high resolution displays) but also produce very focused beams of radiation, and very little leakage of background leakage. Mind you, the radiographer still wears a lead-lined smock & a radiation dosimeter badge.

The consultant radiologist will do the interpretation thing today, and send the results back to my surgeon, who will no doubt let me know if there are any issues. Meanwhile, I have about an hour free before I go in to hospital again to have my ureteric stent removed. It’s all go on the medical front at the moment!


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