So far so good (part xvii)

The pain in my back got worse through the evening, but seemed to respond well to the paracetamol, but was back again when I woke up. I took another couple of paracetamol and called the hospital, who put me on to the registrar.

Sadly he turned out to speak English with a very strong Indian accent, and was quite hard to understand down the phone, but in the end we managed to get to the conclusion that this is fairly normal after the removal of a stent, and that I should just take some paracetamol, and only worry if the pain didn’t fade after a day or two.

Sure enough, the pain went away later that day. As did most of the discomfort and pinkness while weeing. Hooray.

Then today I got a separate letter from the hospital including my discharge papers, which had a small attachment noting that any signs of [insert long list of symptoms, including backache] could be a sign of Pulmonary Embolism or Deep Vein Thrombosis, and that I should phone the hospital immediately.

Hmmm. Slight lack of coordination showing through there.

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