Building a wireless sensor hub (part iii)

I rebuilt my little circuit board, and all now seems OK. Now I just need to test it. So I reattached it to the router, and wanted to check that I could communicate with it via the (second) serial port that it is connected to, called /dev/tts/1

To check the serial line configuration, I needed stty, which is not installed in the BusyBox implementation supplied with OpenWRT, so I needed to install the standalone version. It’s in the coreutils package, which has lots of things in it that I don’t need, and is frankly huge. The solution to this is to extract just the stty program from the package, and install that manually. This is done as follows:

  1. Download coreutils from the repository manually (e.g. wget for the WRT54GL). Make sure you are using the right architecture/platform.
  2. Rename the file so that it ends in .tar.gz
  3. Uncompress the file using tar/gzip
  4. This will reveal a data.tar.gz (and other files). Uncompress this file, unpacking the usr directory.
  5. Copy usr/bin/stty to /usr/bin on the WRT54GL.

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