So far so good (part xviii)

On Thursday of last week I had another follow-up examination by my surgeon. In the grand scheme of things, I seem to be doing pretty well, but he was keen to check on how the healing was progressing, and whether the inflammation was remaining in abeyance or not. At the same time he wanted to check to see if my kidney was continuing to function normally after the removal of my stent.

And so I was scheduled for an MRI scan. Which to my surprise was arranged for Monday of this week.

The scan was without any contrast dyes (so no need for a canular!) and involved three main components – a high resolution scan of the pelvis, and lower resolution scan of my kidneys, and (a new one!) some sort of scan of my diaphragm while I was breathing normally.

I never did find out what that last one was actually used for, but it’s the first time I’ve been in an MRI scanner and actually felt the entire motorised bed assembly jumping from side to side in the magnetic field – so they must have really cranked the power up for that one.

And now I wait to see what my surgeon and his radiographer think of the pictures. I should hear from them in the next week or so.

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