So far so good (part xix)

And the results from the MRI scan are in. Actually, they came in back on the 7th, but family birthdays, bonfire night, and the normal daily madness somehow got in the way of me reporting it.

Essentially the MRI showed that the infection that tracks out from the leak in my bowel is much better, but that my left kidney is still a bit dilated (indicating that it’s still not draining properly). However, the overall appearance of the tissues in my pelvis showed “considerable improvement”. Which I thought was both pretty positive and slightly worrying at the same time. I mean, I thought we’d sorted all that kidney stuff, right?

Apparently, not necessarily.

The next step from the surgeons perspective was to examine the join under anaesthetic to better assess the join and the healing. Apparently each mode of diagnostic (physical, X-ray, MRI, endoscope) provides different but complimentary information.

And so I was booked for an endoscopic examination under general anaesthetic; the appointment for that came through for the 15th. Except when I actually got there, there was some disagreement over whether or not I was meant to be having a general anaesthetic or not, and whether it was for a colonoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy. Which wasn’t very reassuring.

In the end it turned out to be a sigmoidoscopy, under a general, not just to examine the join, but also to perform curettage on the wound tract. This is where the granulation tissue that forms in the wound as part of the healing is removed by scraping. It sounds pretty grim (and I guess the need for the anaesthetic confirms that) but it apparently promotes better and faster healing.

They also ran some blood tests on me too, and they at least show that there are no issues with my kidney function – despite the dilation. However, it’s likely that some time with a urologist is lurking in my (fairly near) future too.

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