Man Flu. Or worse?

One of the problems with being in my situation is that whenever I feel less than 100% well, I start worrying. The nasty little voice in the back of my head starts whispering “It’s back … It’s back …” over and over again. Any and all minor symptoms are a cause for close examination, concern and worry.

Of course, I get the odd cold, run a bit of a temperature, pull the odd muscle, get headaches, and have unexplained aches and pains just like anyone else of my age.

And I understand that – I’m not a hypochondriac. But my reaction to these things is not very logical. Frankly it’s anything but – which is difficult to explain to people. And then I saw this cartoon, which explains everything. Enjoy.


One thought on “Man Flu. Or worse?

  1. Thanks for the cartoon. Helps me understand what some people experience. Uncertainty. I’ve thought about how do old people cope with regards to ageing, sickness and death. I’ve been to care homes, some are very ill for many years and can’t even move. Unbelievably cruel. All this and things like cancer just aren’t on the TV or in the papers, so people like me have a false sense of security and must remember always to not be selfish, angry, ignorant and so on, always have compassion, be kind, loving (whenever I met you, you were always very kind)… So once again thanks Richard

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