So far so good (part xxi)

As I mentioned in this post, an appointment with the Urologist was going to figure in my near future, with a view to having him understand how well (or not) the function has been restored to my left kidney.

The MRI scans showed that the kidney was still a little distended, which generally indicates problems with the drainage from the kidney to the bladder, via the ureter. In my case, although the kidney is looking much better, my consultant suspects there is still a problem where my left ureter crosses my pelvic inlet, and that there is some constriction there causing the slow drainage to my bladder.

To prove this, my Urologist is going to run an intravenous urogram or IVU. The good news is it’s basically nothing I’ve not been through already, several times over. The bad news? Another cannula, and some of that “hot flush” iodine contrast agent. Still, it should take no more than an hour or so, and if it helps them resolve the problem, then fine. At a minimum it will be good to understand exactly what the problem is, and what they can do to fix it.

Because from what the consultants have told me so far, they are all happy with my progress, so hopefully this is just one more step closer to finally getting that clean bill of health.


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