3rd anniversary annual test

I got an email from my consultant over the weekend. It seems like he uses his Sundays to catch up on his admin and email too. It’s vaguely comforting to see that irrespective of profession, none of us have enough hours in the normal working week to manage to keep on top of our email.

Anyway, according to my consultant my “CT is fine and kidneys fine too”, which is very good news indeed. At this point it’s 3 years since my diagnosis (34 months since my cancer operation) and the odds against me having a reoccurrence are improving all the time.

And although my left kidney was showing as dilated, it seems that that isn’t stopping the kidney from working normally (or close enough to normally that the doctors are happy to leave well alone). Which is more great news.

So now we just have to concentrate on finding a way to get the wound tracks in my pelvis to continue healing so I can (eventually) get my ileostomy reversed again, and hopefully put the last of this behind me.

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