Stents, a fortnight on.

It would seem that I’m coping less well with this stent than I did with the last one. It’s been over a fortnight now, and I’m still seeing all the same issues that I originally did. As described in all the standard literature that the doctors point you at, drinking more fluids does help; it certainly reduces the obviousness of the blood in my urine. It seems to reduce the urgent need to wee. However, it doesn’t help with the pain in the kidney while weeing very much, if at all. And sadly, by drinking more, I do ultimately need to wee more. Just goes to show you can’t win them all I guess.

I’ve also had a couple of episodes where the stent appears to have moved position slightly in the kidney, irritating it, and causing lots of intense pain. A maximum dose of paracetamol barely touches that. Cocodamol on the other hand, does. But that leaves me in no fit state to do more than go back to bed, which isn’t ideal.

Consequently I’m hoping that these episodes are just down to the stent “bedding in”, and that I won’t experience them regularly, because they’re debilitating. The last one kept me awake all night, and wiped out most of the following day too. I can’t afford too much of that.

But ultimately, time will tell.

Speaking of which, I see my consultant tomorrow evening to discuss the next step in my treatment plan – namely how, when and where we next try to fix the inflammation in my pelvis. Which will be interesting.


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