How am I?

We’ll find out on Tuesday afternoon, when I have an appointment with an MRI scanner.

Fundamentally the output from that will be used to inform the details of my surgeons next actions, but the general plan is for me to be booked in for surgery in early-mid May depending on operating theatre availability. The surgeons will then have another attempt to clear out all the infection in my pelvis, but this time by being far more surgically aggressive.

The high level expectation is a couple of weeks or so in hospital, followed by more time at home recovering. The main operation is likely to be radiotherapy guided, and take place in the NHS hospital in Portsmouth. The subsequent procedures that I’ll need will be easier arranged if I’m in the private Spire Portsmouth hospital, so it sounds like I’ll end up being moved. Given what I know of what is being proposed, I’m expecting the time in hospital to be moderately grim, so at least being able to spend most of that time in the comfort of the Spire will be helpful. I expect you can at least get toast for breakfast there, unlike in the QA!

Still, it will all be worth the effort if it produces the hoped for results. If not, then my choices are very limited indeed.

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