KVM options

I’ve been totally “back to the concrete” refitting my study over the last couple of months (things like this take longer at the moment!) and one of the things I wanted was to add a 4-port KVM to allow me to hook my laptops and key servers to a single common screen, keyboard and mouse.

In the end I decided a USB-based device was best for future-proofing, and would support all my existing systems once I’d fiddled a little with their BIOS settings. So I opted for the Edimax EK-UAK4, as it was on offer from Amazon, and had good reviews.

Sadly, despite support for Linux, hot-swapping etc etc, it turns out that Edimax don’t support laptops. Go figure. And actually, “don’t support” means “doesn’t work”. Which means that it’s no use to me at all. Thank goodness for Amazon’s impressive returns policy.

So now I’m looking for suggestions for a USB 4-port KVM that works with Linux, and laptops, and hot-swaps connections, and can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts. Audio switching a bonus. Sensible price preferred!

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