Testing times

I was called into hospital today for some tests and to complete some paperwork in readiness for my impending stay. The tests turned out to be limited to a series of blood tests. No big deal. Except they couldn’t find a vein with any blood in it.

Four attempts later and I was feeling very light-headed and sweaty, and the poor nurse had nothing to show for her trouble apart from a pile of used needles.

Fundamentally the problem was that I was very dehydrated (a perennial problem for someone with an ileostomy) so I had a bit less blood than normal, and my veins just weren’t very prominent.

In the end she called in reinforcements; the resulting Sister used a butterfly needle, or winged infusion set to draw the blood, and managed to get the three samples in relatively short order.

I also got shown around the rooms, which are on the top floor of the QA hospital. It’s a bit like a penthouse suite; so at least if I’m going to have to spend 3 weeks in hospital, the views out of my window over Portsmouth and the Solent are going to be amazing.

4 thoughts on “Testing times

  1. Anne and I wish you a satisfactory and speedy recovery Richard. You are always in our thoughhts.

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