The first round of surgery was done today. Access to the abscess is very poor, so the surgeon did what he could but decided to stop and get some more detailed imaging done before cutting further. As a result the endosponges aren’t in use yet.

Ultimately of course, he has to make sure that he doesn’t actually make the situation worse, and consequently the old engineering maxim of “Measure twice, cut once.” seems to apply equally well to surgery. As a result, the plan is now to have some detailed radiological imaging done tomorrow (Thursday), take stock of the current situation, and then use that to inform the plan for Friday, which in all likelihood will involve another theatre visit. Lucky me!

Incidentally, the view from my room of the sun setting over Portsmouth, and then watching all the city lights coming on was spectacular. Not quite as impressive as watching the same thing in San Francisco, as I did about a decade ago, but it’s definitely a close second place.


2 thoughts on “Progress

    • Very true. I only visited it once, but had a great time there. Lots of interesting things to see and do; I barely scratched the surface in the free time that I had there.

      I always meant to get back, but haven’t managed it yet – though could actually have that opportunity through work next month – if I can get well enough, fast enough.

      I suspect that as a plan that might be looking a little exposed at the moment.

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