Progress – report

I met with my surgeon this morning, and discovered that the sinus was sufficiently dilated that he was able to get an endosponge installed. He was also pleased with the drainage that it’s achieving, which seems (so far) to be pretty significant, particularly compared to all the previous surgical drains I’ve seen. It’s fair to say that what it’s draining away definitely falls into the “better out than in” category. Looking at the flask I’m frankly amazed that I’ve been as apparently well as I have been. It’s not a pretty sight.

The plan for now is for me to let everything work as it’s supposed to, and rest and recover from the operations. My surgeon was keen to stress that I should eat and drink well today, as they will probably take me back into surgery again tomorrow evening to replace this first endosponge, possibly with two new ones. That has the advantage that it will allow them to replace those on either Saturday or Sunday, but with the caveat that tomorrow will have to be another Nil-By-Mouth day. Still, it’s good for the waistline!

In the meantime I’m under strict orders to treat the drain gently to avoid any chance of dislodging it. So no vigorous exercise (so yes, Andy, the gym is definitely out for now!) and very careful when moving around, washing etc. Although it might just about be possible to return home in this state, it would be difficult and more risky, so fundamentally I’m now tied to the hospital for the time being. I’d not really contemplated any other option, so I’m quite comfortable with that.


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