Progress – ing steadily (how long can I keep this up?!)

In the end I didn’t see my surgeon last night, though he did call through to my nurses for an update on my observations before deciding not to visit. I figure he deserves an uninterrupted evening as much as the next man, especially after having been in surgery with me till past midnight the night before.

Instead, we got together again this morning. Progress from his perspective is looking fine. As planned, he’s going to take me back into surgery this afternoon to change the single Endosponge that I currently have fitted for two new ones, to better improve the drainage. That will happen around 4pm, and should be pretty quick and easy, so hopefully in and out in 30 minutes or so.

Though based on my past performance it will take a lot longer for me to come round from the anaesthetics, clear the recovery room, and get back to my room.

While I had access, I asked the reason for the extra long MRI scan, and found it was exactly as I’d been led to believe; the Radiologist was looking for any possible reason for the problems with my left ureter. In particular he was searching for any pocket(s) of infection, and specifically for any signs of any closed tracks that might once have connected the sinus that we’re now treating, with the problems at my ureter.

He found absolutely nothing.

Which on one level is good, because it means it’s highly likely that the problems with my ureter are simply a local inflammation response to the problems in the sinus that we’re now draining. So if / when that’s resolved, the ureter problem should resolve itself too.

But to counter that, I’m basically an engineer, and I always feel a lot happier to see a definitive cause for a problem, rather than depending on a mix of experience and intuition to infer it. So saying, I often resolve problems in this way in my field too, but I’m conscious that I’d then always have a lower level of confidence in that diagnosis and resolution. I suspect the same is true for my surgeon, though he’s not saying so – at least, not yet!

Still, it’s nice to be able to concentrate on only one problem at a time.


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