Sponge change #3

My surgeon called by to see how I was getting along towards the end of the afternoon, and had a really good chat. Basically it’s all looking about as positive as it could at this stage, for which I am immensely grateful.

He’s going to do the next sponge change tomorrow at 1pm. As before, this will be under a general anaesthetic. We’re also going to switch to preventively changing the vacuum sources for the endosponges to make sure that they don’t run out, as we strongly suspect that some problems I had overnight were related to the system shutting down. Strangely there isn’t a particularly clear gauge on them, and what is there is is extremely confusing. Not impressive for a piece of medical equipment.

He’s also pursuing the Microbiology department at the moment, trying to get some solid answers on the risk/benefit of putting me on a very long term course of antibiotics; in all likelihood many weeks, possibly even several months. The advantage would be that it would continue to improve the chances of healing in the bowel. The disadvantage is that there are potentially nasty side effects with the very long term use of antibiotics. We need some expert guidance, but his feeling at the moment is that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

On the slightly less positive news front, he also intends to try doing my next sponge change after tomorrow (probably Friday or Saturday) without a general anaesthetic. It’s certainly not going to be pleasant, but he believes I ought to be able to bear it, and he’s concerned at the number and frequency of general anaesthetics that I’ve been through, and would like to start using simple sedation instead.

In theory that means I’ll be aware of what’s happening, but shouldn’t feel any pain. On an intellectual level I can see this makes perfect sense, but on an emotional level I’m really quite concerned at how well I’m going to cope with that. I guess as long as I get as far as letting him put the cannula in, he can then give me enough valium (or whatever) that I won’t care. And I suppose if they have to scrape me off the ceiling at least we’ll know that I still need the general anaesthesia.

In other good news I have visits from friends arranged for tomorrow and Wednesday, which will be cool. And despite seemingly eating continually here, and doing absolutely no exercise, I have still managed to lose a Kg since I was admitted. So, at that rate I just need to stay here for another 11 weeks to reach my ideal weight.

Or perhaps I’ll aim to get out early and take up jogging!

Edit: Realised I can’t count. This was change number 3.


2 thoughts on “Sponge change #3

  1. Hi , It is jogging for me…………i do not do anaesthetics …have i spelled that correctly ?…may be . Your doing OK….take care, Alan.

    • Hi Alan – I suspect jogging is definitely the more sensible option! Or failing that, perhaps the odd round or two of golf 🙂

      And yes, a perfect spelling of anaesthetics!

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