Despite the sun shining …

I’ve spent the last 18 hours feeling really very much under the weather.

When I came around from the anaesthetic in the recovery room I was in a lot more discomfort than previously, and despite my feeling pretty much normal otherwise, my recovery nurse was not keen to quickly release me back to my ward. In retrospect, I guess she could see the first signs of what was about to come, and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything worse than it eventually turned out to be.

By the time I was back on the ward I was starting to feel “a bit under the weather”, but some good friends called in to see me almost at the same time as I was returned from the recovery room, which was great, and completely distracted me from thinking about how I felt. Once they left however, I felt cold and shivery.

My observations however showed I was running nearly 2c temperature, had surprisingly (for me) low blood pressure, and was starting to become tachycardic. All signs of a bit of an infection.

So in the end I cancelled an evening visit that a friend had been planning to make, ate a couple of ham sandwiches and wrapped myself up in bed. At which point the nurses took over and ran a couple of litres of Hartmanns fluids into me through my cannula, along with some IV paracetamol.

The suspicion is that as the Endosponges are removed they were stirring up some remnants of infection from the abscess, and also breaking a lot of capillary blood vessels that are forming in the granulation tissue surrounding them, allowing some low-grade infection to spread into my bloodstream. It’s the sort of thing you shrug off relatively easily, but does make you feel rather low at the time; something I can now testify to.

But in my case, after a night of rest and recovery, I feel fine again. So clearly the ham sandwiches did the trick!

2 thoughts on “Despite the sun shining …

  1. I’m glad the ham sandwiches did the trick! Glad you are feeling better 🙂

    FYI: if you need another outlet for your stories, and you are on Facebook, feel free to join my Cancer support group, it’s called:

    Collette’s Cancer Support Group

    Be well.

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