Sponge change #5 epilogue

Sadly we got off to a slower than expected start yesterday.

It turns out that the original plan had been for me to be first on my surgeons afternoon list. Everyone expected that to mean I could have breakfast. Except breakfast wasn’t quite as early as everyone expected, so I didn’t finish eating until nearly 8am, when my surgeons list started at 1pm. Which meant I immediately fell foul of the “no food for 6 hours, no fluids for 2 hours” rule. Ooops.

In the end I was bumped a couple of places further down the list (no problem from my perspective) and all went ahead as normal, but clearly we needed to up our game on the communications front. We’ve now got a list of the up-coming theatre slots that I’m scheduled for, which will actually make life much simpler.

In the end my surgeon and anaesthetist decided to go with the general anaesthetic again, so there was still no need to steel myself for a sedation-only procedure, and as I was in noticeably more discomfort when I came around this time, I’m delighted with that decision.

On the slightly negative news front, my surgeon is concerned at the stress on the lower join in my bowel caused by having two Endosponges running through the hole there into the abscess, and thinks that there are some signs of tearing. We really don’t want that surgical join to come apart (it would be irreparable), so this time he has switched over to only using one sponge. He’ll then assess how effective that has been when he does the next change. As he explained afterwards, there will still be some problems to overcome with this treatment too.

I guess there are no “simple fixes”.

Interestingly, I have also noticed what I assume are the first signs that all these general anaesthetics are having an effect on me; I’m becoming slightly forgetful. Not anything major or concerning, but little trivial things that I’d normally “just know” are sometimes proving a struggle to call instantly back to mind. I’m also sleeping a lot more than normal! If that’s the limit of it, then I can happily live with them.

We’re also starting to think about whether I need to be in hospital all the time now, or whether I can go home to recover, and only spend a day/night in hospital immediately after each procedure. Clearly it’s more cost effective that way, and has the potential to be more pleasant for me. The downside at the moment is that there are some practical issues that would prove difficult to deal with at home. So I think certainly for the next couple of changes I’ll probably be staying in the hospital full time still.

Having said that, it’s nice to see signs of a change on the horizon – it’s already been well over 2 weeks that I’ve been in hospital now, and knowing that it won’t be like this indefinitely is a one of the things that helps to keep me going when the going is tough.

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