Sponge change #6

I’m back into theatre today at 1pm. I had an early breakfast at 5:30am, and I’m now nil by mouth, so at least we should be staying on schedule today.

The big question is, how has the cavity been behaving? Has it started to contract and fill in? Or is it still just raw wounds with granulation tissue coating them? We want the former, but may well get the latter. In which case what do we do next? How long to continue with the vacuum treatment if there is no progress at this time? How long to continue with the vacuum treatment even if there is progress?

Lots of questions, but no answers, yet. However, realistically we are getting to the time where the surgeon needs to be starting to consider if the treatment is continuing to generate the results that will lead to a successful healing of the abscess or not. My suspicion is that today is probably the start of that consideration, and that within the next couple of changes or so we’ll know if we’re getting anywhere meaningful or not.

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