Sponge change #8 epilogue

I knew if I blogged, the phone would ring. And it did.

The surgeon tells me that where the sponges are, there are signs that the wound is pulling in around them, and possibly knitting. Apparently getting the sponges back out was difficult. This probably explains the need for the muscle relaxant in the mix of drugs.

He’s not clear on how localised this effect is, so it may not be providing the kind of closure of the wound that we need. But he thinks its promising enough that we should continue on this path for a little longer and see whats actually happening.

The plan is therefore to see what results he gets from two more sessions with these new sponges; the one that I had today, and another change on Saturday. He’s then going to take the sponges out on (probably) Tuesday of next week, and then accurately map and measure the cavity (probably with another gastrografin study) to see if it’s starting to actually heal properly.

At that point we’ll have the evidence to prove the effectiveness (or not) of what we are doing, and can make a plan on how to best move forward at that point.

Which sounds sufficiently positive that I’m going to have a glass of wine.

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