The grubby question of money

As most of you will be aware, much of this treatment is being funded by my corporate medical health cover. And they (initially Standard Life, since taken over by Prudential Health) have been simply amazing in terms of their helpfulness, and stoic support for my treatment.

This is probably helped by the size of the IBM account, and the fact that in general most IBMers probably tend to live reasonably healthy lives. I’ve invoked my health insurance only twice in 26 years, once for one of my family, and now for me. So in general I suspect they can afford to be fairly generous and still turn a healthy profit (no pun intended).

But one has to assume that even so, they must have a department of accountants looking at the numbers somewhere, and asking their medical advisers to report if this treatment regime represents good use of their money. In short, are they getting a good bang for their buck? And given how cutting-edge some of this treatment now is, that’s got to be a difficult question for them to answer.

My experience of accountants leads me to expect that kind of response to not be well-received.

So it’s good to see that (a) we’re starting to get results that indicate that the (probably significant amounts of) money spent over the last few weeks is actually resulting in healing, (b) that the costs should be reducing somewhat (now that there is no need for me to be staying as an inpatient in hospital), and (c) that there may well be an end in sight for this phase of treatment (if the abscess heals).

I really hope those facts will help to assuage any of the accountants fears. Because I must admit to considerable fears of my own that at some point the insurance company might decide to simply pull the plug on this.


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