Final sponge removal

I’ve been meaning to post this for the last week, but somehow I’ve just not really managed to get around to it. On Tuesday last week the surgeon removed all the sponges; that was my twelfth general anesthetic in 34 days, and as with sponge change #9, the anesthetist had a devil of a job cannulating me. My veins need a rest.

And fundamentally that is a large part of the reason for stopping the treatment at this point. This last months treatments have clearly made a big difference; we’ve finally managed to fully map the extent of the abscess, we’ve fully drained it, and managed to promote the growth of granulation tissue in the wound. All things that we’d not really managed before. But it was all at a cost to me.

The constant need for procedures under general anesthetic, being permanently connected to the vacuum drains, and consequently being closely tied to hospital were all wearing me out. Psychologically, if not physically too, I needed a break.

And so the surgeon is now planning to let me get back to normal life again, have a rest from the intensive treatments, and see if I can continue to heal normally without the vacuum therapy. We can resume the vacuum therapy later if I need it, but his hope is that I can continue to slowly but steadily heal without it.

So my next step is to get back to a normal life again, and in particular to get back to work. There are a few logistical challenges associated with that, thanks to the removal of the vacuum drains, so for the first week or so I suspect I’m going to be restricted to working from home. And my surgeon is already talking about arranging another full radiology workup to more accurately assess how well this treatment has worked, and more importantly decide what steps we need to take next. But tomorrow I officially restart work.

Which sadly means I have to tackle the mountain of email that has built up during my months absence from work. Fun.


One thought on “Final sponge removal

  1. You are doing great Richard , and a break from hospital, must do you good ! Dont overdo the e-mail …very proud of you , take care ,Alan & Anne xx

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