Stent removal

On Friday morning I met up with my urologist at the local hospital. The stent in my left ureter was end-of-life, and was starting to cause me quite severe kidney pain. Normally it would be replaced, but in this case we’ve removed it, and will take the opportunity to see if the other treatments that I’ve been through in the last 6 months (designed to resolve all the infection in my pelvis) have also resolved the problems with my ureter.

Having been through this once before, I knew what I was in for; it’s not fun, as it’s carried out with only a light local anaesthetic, but it is straightforward, so I was back on my feet and home again by late lunchtime. I’ll feel a bit rough for the next couple of days, but should be back to normal by Monday or Tuesday.

Once my urological system settles down (2-3 weeks) we’ll run a series of non-invasive radiological tests on my kidneys that will reveal any signs of blockage or restriction in the ureter. This tends to show as enlargement of the associated kidney, but I expect they’ll also run some differential drainage tests too, to measure exactly how well its all working. More “gunk” to drink!

If all is OK then I will be able to put the whole stent thing behind me. If not then they’ll figure out what to do next – there are some fairly non-invasive options available that may help alleviate the problem.

But if there are problems it’s also likely to precipitate a conversation with my surgeon about the advantages of pro-actively undertaking the colostomy operation.

Speaking of whom, I have the first of my monthly consultations with my surgeon on Monday morning, where he will check if our plan to “just give me some time” for my abscess to heal is bearing any fruit. More news on that in due course I expect, though I’m not convinced it will be terribly positive.

It’s fairly clear that I’m entering the end-game now.

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