It’s a date!

My surgeon has been in contact to let me know that he’s booked me in for my operation on the 3rd of July.

That means I’ll get to have the summer off work again. Which would be grand, where it not for the fact that I’m very unlikely to be in a condition to enjoy it. So, at a guess, most of July in hospital, then recovering at home through August/September and hopefully returning to work sometime in October. Thank heavens for a very understanding employer.

I must admit that I’m dreading the whole thing, not helped by the fact that having done this once before, I now know exactly what I’m going to have to go through. Still, who said life would be easy, eh?

2 thoughts on “It’s a date!

  1. At least the waiting (for a date) is over. Hope it all goes far better than expected and (in advance) your recovery is very speedy. Will be thinking of you.

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