Here we go again

I spent Thursday morning back in hospital for all my pre-admission checks. It all started with lots of questions about my previous medical history. This was rather amusing, as the nice nurse who was running the session had all my notes with her, but had obviously decided that it would be easier to ask me what I’d had done to me and when, rather than trying to tackle my folder, which is now some four or five inches thick.

It was a good plan. But I’m now at that stage where I can only remember the key events; the rest is a bit of a blur of procedures, anaesthetics, hospital visits and hospital stays. In the end we settled for me outlining the major items, and she agreed to look up any details that she needed later.

I aced the ECG test again, but was a bit depressed at how much weight I’ve put back on while I’ve been struggling with my current temporary ileostomy, and not able to exercise. It’s going to be a major personal goal to start getting that back off again while I am recovering from this operation, and then continue to improve my general level of fitness afterwards. Sadly, about 50% of colostomy patients end up with hernias, and I figure a good way to make sure I don’t end up part of that statistic is to build up a good level of general physical fitness.

As usual, they wanted a selection of samples from me; swabs from nose and groin to check for MSRA were easy, as was the urine sample. The three vials of blood I expected to be a real issue, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy; it seems that the veins in the crook of my elbow are still in good working order.

And with that, I am declared healthy enough to be operated on. I have to admit myself on Wednesday morning before 7am. I must not eat anything after midnight of the night before, and can only drink water from then until 6am, after which it’s nil by mouth until after the operation. I guess it’s one way to start the diet.

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