Something of a milestone

For those who have been following this blog long enough, you might have noticed that March 2014 marks 5 years since I underwent the operation that removed my tumour. 5 years survival is seen to be a big thing for cancer patients. You hear all kinds of talk of “being cured”, or that the likelihood of the cancer returning is now “comparable to the risk of contracting the cancer in the first place”.

Sadly, neither are exactly true – it’s just a convenient measure of the effectiveness of the treatment regimes that the doctors use. You can read more on this here, but ultimately, XKCD explains what this really means to me far better than I can.

But having said all that, 5 years is still a major milestone. It’s a long time with (in my case) no sign of any recurrence of the cancer, and in general the longer I live with no sign of cancer, the better my chance of having actually beaten it. The bottom line for me is that I’ve seen too many people die who were diagnosed at the same time as me to feel anything other than incredibly lucky to still be here.

That alone has to be worth celebrating.

3 thoughts on “Something of a milestone

  1. A good milestone indeed and good news too.
    Congratulations (if that’s the right term) and long may it continue. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Richard. I haven’t been to your blog for a very long time. Was prompted to do so with the I&DB session coming up and realising that I might actually meet you at last.

    Very sorry to read that you have been having other complications. I’ve been very lucky. Discharged 2 years ago. I still get bouts of bowel grumbles but they are few and far between and have never needed any treatment beyond waiting them out .

    • Hi Harry, I’ll be there, though not for the Thursday evening sessions. Look forward to seeing you in person!

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