2 weeks progress

Still suffering from side-effects from the medicines I’m on. Some of them are fading, which is good, though sadly, some are not – which is less good. Unless I get a dramatic improvement on a couple of fronts within the next week or two I’ll be needing a change of prescription, as a couple of them are just not compatible with my lifestyle in the long term.

However, I have at least managed to force myself to get down the gym again, which was good. Didn’t manage to do my full workout, but I did burn my way though about 600 kcals in the 90mins I was there, which wasn’t too bad. Interestingly, my knees were aching at the end, which probably indicates that I was nearing my limit anyway.

I also came to my self-imposed fortnightly weigh-in, which I do down the gym on their professional scales. The good news is that despite doing almost no exercise, I’ve still managed to lose 4Kg (9lbs) in the last 2 weeks. So the new healthier eating regime (I hesitate to call it a diet) seems to be helping … which has to be good. Only 40lbs to go … which is not so good (or at least, its pretty daunting).  Still, I put it all on, only I can take it off again!

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