Reversal recovery (part xx)

It’s been nearly a couple of weeks since I last posted about my recovery, and things have been moving on steadily in that time. Sometimes my progress has been slightly better and sometimes slightly worse, but at least it’s been progress.

The major “happening” in that period has been that I’ve been trying to explore the limits of my endurance and capabilities so that I can (a) set some sensible expectations with the people I’m going to be working with, and (b) make sure I keep within those limits, and don’t do anything too stupid. To do that I set myself a couple of trials, which basically pushed me well beyond my normal limits. In combination with some physical effort helping my family with some decorating, and I’ve seen exactly what will happen if I push too hard too soon; and it’s not fun. It’s basically taken me all of this week to recover.

Suddenly the recommendations of the nice lady from IBM’s Occupational Health department are sounding a lot more sensible, and having seen the result of over-doing it, I am now very motivated to not push too hard too soon, despite my nature!

So after this Easter weekend, it’s back to work. My first meeting is on Tuesday, in Bedfont, where I hope I’ll get to meet many of the people I’ll be working with from now on. Time to make a good impression. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reversal recovery (part xx)

  1. Hello Richard,

    Welcome back to work!

    I well remember standing in your office early in 2009 when you were first diagnosed. At the time you said you hoped to be back by Easter. It’s been a slog, hasn’t it, but you did it really, didn’t you? You’re back by Easter! And from the length and content of your blog, it was hardly a wasted year. Lots of good information to be found in it for anyone who finds themselves facing a similar situation.

    Good luck with the new job, and hope to see you around Hursley in the forthcoming weeks/months.

    Take it easy.


    • Hard to believe how naive I was about my condition, and the severity of the treatment I was about to undergo; thank goodness I’m better at estimating IT projects 🙂

      I should be in and around Hursley quite a bit over the next fortnight – will give you a call & we can grab a coffee.

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