Monday’s child is fair of face…

Not such a good night’s sleep last night. This was largely driven by the fact that even with my new “consultant installed” cannula, we had terrible trouble flowing the IV drugs into me. Nothing wrong with the cannula; just a reflection of the state of my veins, which would now give your average heroin junkie a bad run for his money!

The nurse who was looking after me for most of the night ended up running all the drugs in very slowly, which meant we were constantly changing IV bags through the night, leaving very little time for continuous sleep. I also managed to somehow end up with backache, which didn’t help matters. All in all, it seemed like a very long night, though the sunrise over Portsmouth that concluded it was a joy to behold.

Today however, my major goal is to start weening myself off my IV lines, so I decided I ought to start eating and drinking at least something at each meal again. Breakfasts contribution was some very milky porridge, which turned out to be delicious, and coincided with my morning visit from my consultant, who also approved.

He is still happy with my progress, but also wants to see me moving off the IV lines. To help with that he has changed the majority of my medicine to their oral versions, and added some Ibuprofen to the mix to hopefully replace the Tramadol IV. He also ordered the removal of one of the drains that I’ve been dragging around, and I decided to completely give up the Morphine PCA too.

So shortly after he left the nice nursing staff removed the appropriate drain, which, as it was a very deep seated drain in my abdomen, felt very peculiar indeed. My Morphine PCA was also taken away, and rather than facing lots of IV bags, I now have a few tablets to regularly take. Much easier.

My anesthetist called by again to check on me, and after a pleasant chat we decided that there was nothing more for him to do for me.

My parents then arrived for a visit (always nice) and declared that I looked amazingly well, hence the title of this post. We had a great chat for an hour or so before the physiotherapist interrupted us to tell me that they were happy with my weekend walk around the ward, and that I just needed to keep doing what I was doing to continue to make a satisfactory recovery.

Lunch was soup and macaroni cheese followed by yogurt. The soup and yoghurt was good; I decided I wasn’t hungry enough to want to try to eat the macaroni cheese, which didn’t seem to have survived the cooking process!

Then this afternoon I got a ride down to the phlebotomists to draw some more blood for analysis, and since then have largely been snoozing, before being woken up by the arrival of dinner (mushroom soup, a bread roll, yoghurt) and my consultant again.

The one fly in the ointment today is that my heart rate seems quite high – high enough that the nursing staff are a little concerned. However my consultant feels it’s likely to be a result of water retention brought on by the constant supply of IV fluids and my starting to also drink a little more for myself; he’s reduced the IV fluids for me. Let’s hope that solves it, and that I get a better nights sleep tonight!

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