Life the universe and everything …

Well, another 6 weeks seem to have flown by in a haze of work and personal commitments, and I’ve been struggling to regularly get down to the gym. This is something that really ought to be a lot more important to me. I must try harder to actually leave work early on the two nights during the working week when I need to get down the gym.

And the passing of 6 weeks means another doctors appointment. Though this time they decided that they didn’t need to draw yet more blood, which at least spared me the embarrassment of fainting again! So, in to see the doctor, and we do the usual pre-blood-pressure-check pleasantries, and ask after families, and joke about the weather. And then she gets the cuff and stethoscope out. And I am now officially 120/80 … which is exactly what they wanted me to be. The only problem is that I’m still experiencing a series of side-effects, which between them are not much fun. However, the doctor is so pleased with the BP reduction that she wants me to put up with those for the next 6 months to see if my body adapts to them. If I don’t then it will be a new regime of drugs, and start again from square one, which neither of us are very keen on.

So, I’m now on a stabilization programme, and don’t need to go back for 6 months; though to compensate for that, they’ll want another armful of blood when I do …

And the title? Well, it was my birthday this weekend. You can work out the details yourselves 🙂

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