Yesterday was the 1st of April, or April Fools Day, where traditionally one is expected to play pranks on those around you during the morning. I’m still trying to fathom out if I was the subject of a fairly elaborate hoax, or just strange set of circumstances.

Around 10:30am I went to change my ileostomy bag. About half way through the process I suddenly heard a huge commotion outside the bathroom in the corridor, followed by a frantic pounding on the door. In burst a couple of burly security guards and several of the nursing staff; it transpired that the smoke alarm in the bathroom had gone off, and there was concern that I was being engulfed in some sort of conflagration. After determining that everything was OK, the fuss died down, and apart from some good-natured ribbing, life returned to normal.

Until about an hour later, when I next went to change my ileostomy bag, and had exactly the same thing happen again.

So I am now apparently infamous amongst the medical staff for being able to set off the fire alarm system merely by changing my ileostomy bag, and the subject of considerable amounts of good-natured ribbing from my fellow patients whenever I head off in the general direction of a bathroom.

Needless to say, I’m now using a different bathroom…

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