Time flies, when you’re having … codine!

I can hardly believe it, but I’ve actually been home now for 11 days.

It doesn’t feel like 11 days at all. It seems like only yesterday that I was struggling to walk across the hospital car park as I started my journey home. I suspect that some of that is simply down to the fact that I’ve been too tired to do very much apart from sleep, probably helped by the relatively large dose of codine that I’m taking. And empty days that have nothing to show for them tend to blur together in my mind.

But if I look at my physical capabilities now, compared to that painfully slow walk across the hospital car park, I can immediately see the difference; I can walk (albeit slowly) several times as far without any significant concern. As an example of that, we took the kids out to the local YMCA centre where they were running an open day for children to try some activities as a precursor to possibly signing up to a summer camp later in the year. The place was absolutely heaving with people, with long queues for all the activities, and in the end I guess I was on my feet for nearly 2 hours. Admittedly, I was nearing my limits when we left, and needed to go to sleep as soon as we got home, but I was able to cope. So despite apparently having nothing to show for my time, I am making progress in my recuperation.

So my plan tomorrow is to raise the bar, and rather than just spending my time sleeping, trying to stretch myself just a little. With that in mind, I think I’m going to start walking the kids to school. I reckon its about 1500 meters door to door, which I ought to be able to manage without any major problems. And being a school governor, I figure I can I can always abuse my position a little, and recover with a coffee in the staffroom before walking home again 🙂

In fact, tomorrow is looking like a busy day, as not only am I planning that, but I have my home-visit from the stoma care nurses, and I’m going back to “my” ward in hospital to visit one of the other patients there, who I’ve struck up a really good friendship with. Add in some other little jobs I need to get ticked off tomorrow too, and it’s showing the promise of being a stand-out day in terms of achievements!

3 thoughts on “Time flies, when you’re having … codine!

  1. Richard, managed to read your blog in detail for the first time today. Saw previously that your Op had been successful; but reading from then thru till your posting yesterday, was like reading an exciting story with twists and turns, but wishing beyond wishing for a happy ending. You have an excellent jounalistic style! Glad your making progress 🙂

    PS As you may know, I am based out of Berlin for the moment, but hopeful will get to see you soon.

    • Thanks for the kind comments. It’s funny, there are days when it feels just like an exciting story to me, before I suddenly remember that it’s all happening for real. But like you, I’m looking forward to that happy ending, and I’m quite convinced it’s going to happen – I just have a few more of those twists and turns in the plot to overcome first!
      If you’re back in the country anytime soon, just give me a call on my mobile – you’re always more than welcome to drop by for a visit. And if not, I’ll look forward to seeing you when you return to the UK.

  2. Hi there Richard, I remembered you saying you thought you would be back at the old grindstone after Easter and sent you a note and got a redirect to this blog. What a great idea and how typical of you to find a technical solution for all of us who would want to know how things were with you! I am glad to hear you are recovering so far and hope the upward journey continues. Look forward to having you back. Val.

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