Recovery from chemotherapy (week 8)

Recently I’ve been rather caught up in the process of getting my ileostomy reversed, but it occurred to me that I’ve neglected documenting my progress in recovering from my chemotherapy.

My peripheral neuropathy continues to cause me lots of problems. My fingers, feet and toes continue to all feel numb and uncomfortable. Worryingly, I’m tempted to say that the problems in my fingers are actually worse, not better. I now struggle to touch-type at any kind of speed, without making lots of mistakes. Which is very frustrating indeed.

My tiredness feels hugely better. I suspect having a reasonable gap since I last considered this really highlights the change. But it certainly feels like the tiredness that I’m experiencing now is much more related to the lack of sleep that I’m going through with the ileostomy reversal, rather than lingering side-effects from the chemotherapy.

My sense of taste is now working fine, but there are some things that I would have previously described as being some of my favourite foods that just aren’t any more. Weird, but hey, I can live with that.

My problems with dry skin, and all the resulting flaking and peeling have all gone away. I can’t even remember when it went away, but it has. Although it’s no longer a problem, I may continue with the moisturising routine anyway. New age man and all that 🙂

I am still feeling the cold, and find it very difficult to get warm. As per the last post on this topic, I eventually broke down and reprogrammed the house temperatures. And I still don’t ever feel completely warm, despite everyone around me being fine. I’m beginning to suspect that this may actually be something to do with my peripheral neuropathy making my fingers and feet feel cold to me, even though the actual temperatures are perfectly fine.

So, overall, it’s progress!

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