Recovery from chemotherapy (week 15)

Sadly, nothing really new to report on this front.

I’m still struggling with my peripheral neuropathy, especially in my feet and toes, which seems to be harder to cope with for some reason. It feels like I’ve got balled-up paper tissues in my shoes; or rather, under my feet, as it feels the same even when I’m not wearing footwear. Most strange, and very irritating. Still, I guess it will either fade, or I’ll eventually get used to it.

I still feel the cold very badly, which given the cold, snowy weather we’ve had recently, has not been much fun. In the end my response was just to turn the heating up, wear a lot more layers, and dream of spring. It wasn’t perfect, but it helped a lot. Of course, I may feel differently about that approach when the gas bill arrives!

This has also persuaded me that in the spring I need to complete the last few major wiring jobs in the loft (some final structured cabling runs, and wiring up an aerial distribution system) so I can get around to finally topping up the loft insulation to the new recommended maximum.

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