Insulating the loft (part iii)

Just thought that I’d post the information that since the weekend when the heating first cut in (the 25th Sept), when I added 200mm of insulation to the loft, the heating has remained completely off until today, when it finally decided to cut back in (for a surprisingly short time) this morning.

Admittedly it’s been a fairly mild autumn, but I assume that adding the insulation has still saved me a fortnight of running the heating this autumn, will presumably reduce the amount of heating that I’m going to provide from now on, as well as (hopefully) save me another fortnight or so of running the heating in spring. That has got to add up to a significant saving of both energy and money.

And I still haven’t got around to properly insulating and draught-proofing the loft hatch, so there should be some more savings to be made there too. That suddenly feels like a job for this coming weekend!

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