Not enough sleep, too many hiccoughs

It seems that a feature of the early part of this particular cycle was hiccoughs. In addition to Thursday night I was up almost all of Friday night, and most of Saturday night with them too. It’s frustrating really, because although they’re not particularly serious, when you have them for a long(ish) period of time it gets really tiring (especially when you’re not sleeping!), and it affects the people around you too.

Fortunately it looks as though they are finally wearing off, as I’ve not noticed them at all today. Despite it now being Monday morning (just) I’ve had no hiccoughs tonight, and I’m only awake at this time of night because I’ve been playing with the VoIP phones again, and got engrossed (successfully!) in that, rather than going to bed at a sensible time of the night. Which I guess I should count as a good thing 🙂

However, on the less-good side of things, it’s clear that the chemotherapy is driving my ileostomy output much higher than normal. This has had two major side-effects for me; firstly I’ve had two “bag failures” this weekend alone. Even though things like that are (unfortunately) to be expected, it’s still extremely depressing when it actually happens. Secondly, my hydration has been suffering again. In the end I’ve purchased the raw components to make up some St Marks oral rehydration solution. The stuff tastes foul but is effective, and if I get into the same problems as last month then I want an option that will help me to keep hydrated, avoid hospitalisation, and do so without taking any chances.

Overall though, I think I’m going to have to have another serious discussion with the stoma care nurses, and if things can’t be improved pharmacologically, then possibly reconsider my decision on the early reversal of my ileostomy. The problems with hydration, the bags themselves, and the need for high levels of codeine to attempt to mitigate those problems are between them becoming a real issue for me.

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