Check-weight, reprised

Another visit to the scales, and I’m now 85.2Kg, which is 188lb, or 13 stone 6lbs. This puts my BMI at 28.6, which although still “overweight”, is heading nicely downwards. So, it looks like my initial conclusion that my weight had stabilised might have been a little off the mark.

I’m inclined to suspect that like everyone else I’d succumbed to the Christmas excess and put a few pounds on, which have now dropped away again. The coincidence that we ran out of stollen cake around the time of that last weight check is just too convenient to ignore! I hope so anyway, as losing that much weight in only a couple of weeks is probably not ideal otherwise. Something for me to keep an eye on though, just in case.

As a result of this I also spent a rather bizarre couple of hours going through the back of my wardrobe trying on all my old clothes. It seems I won’t need to buy new suits & shirts for work after all – I can now comfortably fit back into all the old clothes that I never quite got around to throwing out, including a couple of lovely suits.

Result! 🙂

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