Passing time

The Easter fortnight was my negotiated opportunity to take a last holiday away with my family before the onset of my next round of treatment. In the end, some of that time actually got spent doing chores at home that we’d been putting off for a while, but we also managed to get away to France, which was great.

Whenever I visit France I realise that the French have a much healthier approach to their work/life balance than we do. Of course, that doesn’t change the harsh realities of life – they’re all doing the same mad working weeks that we are – but in their case, they actively dislike it, and try to retain some of the traditions that we’ve long since cast aside. I quietly envy them that. And their wine. And their patisseries. And their weather!

And now I’m back to waiting for news of the date of my next operation, which should be sometime within the next few weeks, and trying to finish off some of those chores I mentioned earlier (mainly the complete redecoration of my study) while also trying to keep on top of work.

Life is never dull!

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